You can't run on empty.

As busy mamas, we're constantly giving of ourselves. We pour out our hearts, our thoughts, and our energy for others.

But we can't keep pouring out without putting something back in.

Ten minutes a day can make all the difference.

What's this all about?

Mama's Refill is a place to find the bold-flavored energy and encouragement God offers women through His Word.

Know what to do when you open your Bible

Every minute counts, and we help you hit the ground running. You'll get one short Bible study assignment each day.

Study for just 10 minutes a day

(Or longer if you can't stop yourself). Believe it or not, you really can study your Bible in ten minutes a day. And we'll help you find the time too!

Come away filled and refreshed

God hasn't left you to do this alone. You'll be amazed how His Word speaks to your challenges and draws you closer to Him

Daily encouragement, served up your style

Just 10 minutes can make all the difference in your day. We help you spend focused time interacting directly with your Bible -- not devotional readings, not someone else's thoughts -- just doing your own deep study in God's Word.

Be part of a community

In 2012, Pam Forster blogged a 30-day Bible study challenge, with a small group of moms studying along.

Now this community has grown to more than 6000 members studying the same passages together and discussing each study in the Facebook group, Bible Study for Busy Mamas.

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How does it work?

"Pam Forster is so encouraging and presents the word of God in a way that lifts up, provides hope, directs, and gently corrects. Each lesson is short enough for this busy mom to complete, yet deep enough for the Holy Spirit to speak to me through every single lesson." -- Jess

"I love how this study is laid out, so simple to follow. Pam does a great job of guiding towards digging deeper, but in a very manageable way for busy moms. The activities for the kids are very engaging, and we have been enjoying them." -- Heather

"You have welcomed me into your family and given me a community of like minded people. I have been able to be strong and stand firm despite being isolated from a stable community of believers." -- Barbara
"As a Mom, you have guided me when I felt at a loss and reminded me that I can do this!!!" -- Jhona

Your Study Leader

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Pam Forster

Since her teenage years, Pam has loved studying the Bible and sharing that love with others.

She met her husband John at a Bible study, and together they raised and home educated six children. Long ago, while desperately trying to keep three crazy little boys in line, she discovered that the Bible had a wealth of answers to her child-training questions. The fruits of her study include For Instruction in Righteousness, the Bible Study for Busy Mamas series, and other books from Doorposts Publishing.

When Pam isn’t writing, she plays the piano for church, enjoys calligraphy, watercolor, and gardening, tries to keep up with all her adult children, and enjoys hugs and kisses from her many grandchildren.

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"It’s like getting a mega-dose of spiritual vitamins regularly... I always come away encouraged, built up, and nourished. Thank you ever so much!" -- Beth

"As a Mom, you have guided me when I felt at a loss and reminded me that I can do this!!!" -- Jhona

"The 30-day Bible studies have been such an enormous blessing to me! You’ve given me tools to study the Bible and helped me find a consistent way to do it." -- Lisa

"I appreciate having an in depth study broken down into manageable pieces that I can follow, a wonderful way to meet with the Lord on a regular basis." -- Andrea