Calendar of 2024 Group Studies:

January – Psalm 34: Take Refuge in Him (new)

February – The Fool and the Wise (new)

March – Genesis 22: His Only Son (new)

April – Philippians 2: Learning to Imitate Christ

May – Philippians 3 (new) 

June – Walking Through Colossians

July – Mary & Martha (new)

August – Diligence Topical Study

September – The Prodigal Son (new)

October – Psalm 104 with drawings (new)

November – Psalm 118: Give Thanks to the Lord

December – Christmas Study (new)



Other News:

The Bible studies Rest for Our Souls: A Topical Study on Anxiety and Psalm 91: Dwelling in the Shelter of God's Presence are currently free for members and non-members. Feel free to share these studies with your friends!

We just got new Mama's Refill mugs, which are available in the shop, as well as membership gift cards. We'll also be giving away one mug each month in a drawing. Anyone who completes a study that month will have a chance to win!