1 Corinthians 13: Loving with the Love of Jesus

1 Corinthians 13 is a full-blown description of love – not a sentimental or romantic feel-good love, but a practical, where-the-rubber-meets-the road, perfect love – the kind of love only Jesus has fully accomplished.

This study won’t just tell you to try harder at loving. As you spend time studying God’s Word, you’ll encounter love personified — the perfect love Jesus embodies — and knowing His love for you will motivate you to love others like He does.

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Estimated Time: 30 days

Difficulty: Level 4


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3 thoughts on “1 Corinthians 13: Loving with the Love of Jesus”

  1. Brenda Jones says:

    Hi Pam
    Thank you for all that you do and time an effort you put into these studies! In the past there has been links to print out the scripture passage in several different versions. Are you providing this again or did I miss it?

  2. Kim Pressnell says:

    I’m getting my emails for the study but it’s not opening here on the site for me.
    Another wondering lesson inspired by the Lord. Thank you Pam for sharing your God given talent with us.

  3. Jacquelyn Golden says:

    I’m so grateful to receive these emails! You keep me on track!

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