Rest for Our Souls: A Topical Study on Anxiety

Anxiety is an experience we’re all familiar with. We lay awake at night imagining what might happen. We worry about the mistakes we know we’ve already made and the ones we will surely make in the future.

We worry about our children, and we worry about messing them up, no matter how hard we try to raise them well. We worry about our marriages, our finances, our health, our futures.

Besides all our own personal challenges, God, in His perfect wisdom and sovereignty, has led us all through additional challenges over the past few months that give us even more reasons to be anxious. What does the future hold for our nation? For our children? For our homes and our churches? Will we lose family members to a virus? Will our businesses collapse or our savings evaporate? 

There’s plenty to worry about.

But there’s a lot more reasons to not worry. And that’s what we’re going to spend the next few weeks studying in Scripture.

We’ll follow the smoke trail of our anxiety down to the fire that creates that smoke. Who or what do we worship, and does that have anything to do with why we worry?

We’ll think about where we seek security in life and how discontent may be feeding our worries. 

We’ll see that we will never experience the peace of God until we are at peace with God.

We’ll see that our desire to control the uncontrollable leads to much of our anxiety.

God commands us to not be anxious, so He has faithfully given us everything we need to obey that command.

As we saturate ourselves in the words of Scripture, by God’s grace, at the end of our time together, we will all be better equipped to let go of our worries and trust in God’s faithful love for us and in His sovereign control of every detail of our lives.

Who doesn’t need to study what God says about worry? I know I need to, and I’m excited to be studying and learning along with you!

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What Others Have Said

A Study to Help You For the Rest of Your Life.

Job said, "surely as sparks fly up, man was born for trouble". We will have trouble as long as we live on this earth and it would wise to learn how to deal with the anxiety that can result from trouble. Knowing where to turn when trouble comes, to find solace, is important. One of the verses studied in this study is Proverbs 3:5-6. Even though I had the chapter mostly memorized previously, it wasn't until one word in the study from those verses stood out. That word was acknowledge. Such a simple word but when combined with everything learned in these lessons-that we know God, did I grasp the meaning. One of the downfalls of Israel is that they didn't know the character of God, didn't know how He wanted them to respond to circumstances. To acknowledge (know) Him. These lessons will teach you how God wants you to respond in circumstances. To acknowledge (to know) him in all your ways and He will direct your path. I can't say enough about how necessary this study is. Although each study can be done in a few minutes a day, I found myself spending multiple days on lessons. I didn't want to blaze thru them just to check it off as done. I wanted these truths to sink down in my soul because as sparks fly up, I will need them again. The Mamas refill lessons have been a God send for me. I cannot tell you how frustrated I was with the fill in the sentence bible studies I found when searching for lessons I could do independently. Learning to study inductively is like that analogy of teaching a man to fish. After doing a few studies, I was able to branch off and study other topics with the techniques learned. The truths gained from these lessons have helped me thru so many circumstances that had I not learned and meditated on them, I think I would be trapped in the castle of despair as in Pilgrims Progress. Unable to use the key of scriptures to get out.

Powerful Study!
By: Susan Menzmer

I have been a member of Mama’s Refill for several years, and have completed quite a few studies in that time. But I would have to say this study on “Anxiety” has got to be the most powerful study yet! Such a huge blessing! So very, very needed! It is amazing how on target and relevant the Bible is on this topic!!! And all the additional study ideas at the end of the study is enough to keep one going and studying/learning/growing in this area for the next year! If I had to summarize this entire Bible study into one sentence, I would choose one of the thought questions given in the very last lesson: “Do I trust God to keep His promises?” Excellent study—HIGHLY recommend!!!

3 thoughts on “Rest for Our Souls: A Topical Study on Anxiety”

  1. Laurie Stilwell says:

    Thank you SOOO much for this!! What a great reminder of all the treasures we possess when we take His yoke on us and do things His way. He gives true peace that can’t be understood naturally. I have truly enjoyed every morning and been blessed think of these scriptures throughout the day. I have also shared many on social media – so hopefully many people have been blessed. I appreciate you!!

  2. Linda Terracciano says:

    Often when we confront our anxieties, we are riddled with guilt and hopelessness. In Christ, we are loved, forgiven and given hope. I loved how this study began with the gentle directives of Jesus showing us His love and care. It then takes us through so many passages encouraging us to trust and dwell with Him. It culminates with Jesus’ gentle invitation to come to Him and find rest for our souls. This was beautifully written! Thank you! I will be sharing this with others.

  3. Heather Taylor says:

    This study was very helpful for me. During the course of this study my husband was in his second year of being on workman’s comp with a severe shoulder injury and we weren’t sure if he would be able to go back to his job. Also, we had sold our house and were building another house (mostly doing the work ourselves with lots of help from our oldest son since my husband was limited physically) and living in our camper. We lived there 8 months total with our kids. I was homeschooling one in 9th grade, one in 12th grade, and our oldest daughter was doing college online. This was also during the pandemic. Oh yes, and with our two dogs – all in 280 square feet! Did I mention that it got to -30°F when we were living in there!
    Not only that, my husband was dealing with a physical assault and a slanderous attack from a member of our church. At the same that we were meeting with our church’s leadership to deal with that, we were also trying to encourage the church to stay true to God’s Word. (Sadly we were unsuccessful and had to leave the church as it had drifted to becoming “woke” and they refused to deal with the slanderous accusation correctly in accordance with Matthew 18. )
    So did I face anxiety? Absolutely!
    But, God is ALWAYS GOOD!!! His timing is ALWAYS PERFECT and He is NEVER SURPRISED!
    Thank you for putting together this study!❤ I changed the Day 1 , Day 2, etc. to Lesson 1, Lesson 2, as it took me quite a while to complete it, and I would get discouraged if I thought I had to get it all done in a day. Nevertheless, even that was good, as many times, in God’s grace and providence, whatever lesson I was working on fit perfectly with whatever I was facing. Thank you again!

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