Brother and Sister Offended: Resolving Disagreements Biblically

The Bible has a lot to say about our response to being wronged. It also has a lot to say about what we should do when we are the offenders, and how we should handle the responsibility of helping settle disagreements.

We’re sinners, so if we relate to people at all, we’re going to inevitably sin against others and be sinned against. Our children are going to hurt each other and be hurt by each other.

How we deal with those hurts and sins is important.

In this “Brother and Sister Offended” Bible study, we’re going to look at what God says about this very important topic.

  • What are we supposed to do when someone sins against us? Or when we think someone has sinned against us?
  • What are we supposed to do when we sin against someone else – intentionally or unintentionally?
  • How can we make peace?
  • How do we resolve disagreements?
  • What do we do with a child (or adult) who delights in seeing someone else get in trouble?
  • Or with a child who gives a false report or someone’s wrongdoing?
  • How do we handle our role as mediator and judge between disagreeing children?
  • How do we learn to forgive?

How we answer these questions profoundly affects our relationships in our families and in the church.

If we don’t learn to handle disagreements and offenses biblically, we’ll be plagued all our lives by petty arguments, church splits, divorces, bitterness, and strife.

  • As we study, we’ll be looking at Matthew 7 and Matthew 18.
  • We’ll look at the wisdom found in Proverbs.
  • The commands in the New Testament letters
  • and at examples we see in the lives of men and women in Scripture.

We’ll come up with a plan, based on Scripture, of how to teach our children and how to apply the same truths in our own lives.

When we’ve finished our study, my prayer is that you will be better prepared to face and resolve disagreements in your own life, and better equipped to teach your children to live at peace with each other.

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