Building a Habit: Reading and Thinking about 1 John 1

Sometimes the hardest part of reading the Bible is just getting started and knowing what to do! This study of 1 John 1 will help you interact with the chapter in many different ways — reading, copying, and listening, looking for words and definitions, comparing translations and memorizing. As we read, we’ll be challenged to walk in God’s light, fellowshipping with Him, and confessing our sins to Him who is always faithful to forgive and cleanse.

We’ll be using simple approaches you can apply as you read and reflect on any chapter of the Bible.1 John 1 — and you — will never be the same after you soak in its riches for a whole a month.

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Estimated Time: 28 days

Difficulty: Level 1


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Pam Forster Pam Forster Author

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