Colossians 3: Walking with Christ in Our Relationships

Spending thirty days studying Colossians 3 will help us become more Christ-like in our relationships with friends, family, and others. This study will equip, convict, and challenge you, but it will also teach you how to study the Bible for yourself. Throughout the study, Pam explains and demonstrates how to use helpful Bible study tools and techniques.

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Estimated Time: 30 days

Difficulty: Level 3

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Pam Forster Pam Forster Author

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What Others Have Said

Excellent and Easy content
By: Becky Godby

This is probably one of the easiest Doorpost studies I have done and, as always, the content of these studies is phenomenal. My only critique is that most of the studies are very structured in how to mark certain things in your Bible - which gives more continuity through the chapter and marries with other studies you have done. This particular study doesn't give as much direction on colors and style of marking - this is just a personal preference in comparison to the other studies from Doorpost I have completed - it in no way detracts from the content of the study.