Diligence Topical Study

Join me as we do a topical study about diligence and laziness! This is an issue we all seem to wrestle with — either in ourselves or with our children. We’ll look at what the Bible says about the topic and what we should do about laziness. Teenagers ought to be able to do this study right along with you. We’ll be adding activities and lessons for younger children to this study as we go through it in July!

This shorter study uses word searches and other topical study techniques to look at one specific topic throughout the Bible — a skill you can use for all kinds of study on your own!

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Estimated Time: 22 days

Difficulty: Level 3


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Pam Forster Pam Forster Author

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What Others Have Said

It’s More Than Work, It’s Attitude!
By: Dana Bollwerk

I'm so grateful for having gone through this study.! I'm gearing to start homeschooling my kids next week for another year and part of me was dreading the lazy attitudes that comes with both my children and the battles I was going to have to face. I feel wonderfully more prepared. Understanding now, the difference between slothfulness and laziness and how it is all connected with my attitude and RELATIONSHIP to Jesus is huge for me. It's like I kind of all "knew" but didn't really understand how important it is to do all things has unto the Lord (Col. 3:17). I feel prepared to talk to my kids about the blessings of the diligent and show them practical ways to become diligent people while at the same time drawing them closer to Jesus.

Take Them to Jesus!
By: Susan Menzmer

I wasn’t sure there would be very much to study about on this topic in the Bible, but I was sure wrong! I never realized the Bible spoke so very very much about being slothful as compared to being diligent! This study will show you, as well as your children, how being diligent is the only real path to true happiness. But our value is NOT only for the work we can preform—we are worth much more than simply as a robot preforming some task! This entire study points to one culminating truth, and that is that what our children need—what we ADULTS need—is to come to Jesus. It is only in Him that we will find true joy, love, strength, and grace. Yes, the answer to being slothful, the strength to be diligent, the answer to ANY problem or trial in life is simply one word. Jesus.

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