Psalm 19 Bible Study

Drawing Our Way Through Psalm 19

When talking about Psalm 19, C. S. Lewis once said, “I take this to be the greatest poem in the Psalms and one of the greatest lyrics in the world.”

Psalm 19 is one of my favorites! It’s beautiful! I love its reminders of God’s revelation of Himself to us through creation and His written Word. I love its description of God’s law, and I especially love all the visual pictures painted by the words of the psalm!

Psalm 19, with all its imagery, is a perfect psalm to illustrate! I’m not taking about doing artwork to decorate a page. Instead, the drawings we’re going to be doing are small, simple sketches to illustrate the meaning of a particular verse. They can be stick figures and symbols, or they can be more detailed, if you enjoy drawing. Our goal, as we draw, is to enhance and deepen our understanding, not distract us from what God desires to say to us through His Word.

If you consider yourself artistically challenged, don’t let the idea of drawing scare you away from this study of Psalm 19! You can do this study without doing the drawings. (But you’ll miss out on a lot of the fun! 🙂 ) We’ll still be making lists, highlighting and studying words, looking at cross-references, and so forth. But we’ll be adding the extra bonus of tips and short videos to help you draw — and meditate on — the psalm.

Give the drawings a try! You might just surprise yourself! Draw them on a scrap of paper and throw them away, if that makes it easier! And if you find that the drawings only frustrate you, just skip them and focus on the other parts of the lessons!

We’re going to have a great time! I pray you’ll join me!

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What Others Have Said

Absolutely Amazing!
By: Clarissa Henly

This study has truly changed how I view myself and God’s creation. I have always loved nature, but this study has encouraged me to look at nature in a very different perspective. There is so much in nature that reflects God. When we take our time to absorb these truths is when we truly see God in all of nature. There is so much to learn about presumptuous sins, which I took a week to go through. It was quite an amazing journey. How much do we willfully and deliberately disobey God’s Word. This chapter teaches us why we should study the Word of God. This study has taught me so much more on verse 14 on how I should be careful what comes out of my mouth and what thoughts I have in my mind, and how it should all bring delight to our Lord. I took several months to finish this study, but it was so worth it. Be sure to memorize the whole chapter. I assure you, it’ll be a great blessing. Thank you Pam for taking the time to share this study with people like me. You have taught me how to dig deeper into the Word, and I often get carried away by something that catches my attention 😀. Thanks and God bless!

Fun and Stretching!
By: Tracy Mickle

Like many people, I feel I cannot draw even though I would really like to be able to. This study is so helpful in focusing on the meaning of words and verses, and then helping you illustrate those truths in your Bible or notebook. I LOVED the videos Pam provided. I occasionally came up with my own drawing, but mostly I followed her suggestions, and my Bible looks really nice! More importantly, the verses and lessons are memorable because I spent a lot of time not only studying, but actually doing something practical with my hands that visually reminds me of what I learned. I hope Pam will include videos with more studies in the future. Thank you so much Mama's Refill for another wonderful study!

Life Changing Study!
By: Susan Menzmer

Doing this Psalm 19 study has led me to discover what I now consider to be my “Life Verse.” Psalm 19:14 says “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LOrd, my rock and my redeemer.” THIS is what I want for my life—for my every action and thought, whether spoken or unspoken, to be in line with God and filled with Him so that they are acceptable to Him! Don’t be scared off by thinking that you cannot draw. Many of my drawings are literally stick figures, but they still remind me of the lessons that I learned from studying those passages as I page through my Bible. And by carefully observing and copying some of the simple drawings that Pam provides in the study, I have even managed to draw some illustrations that amazed me as they turned out pretty well! Most important is that with each lesson, I am learning more about how to truly study God’s Word. A bonus is that my drawing skills are actually improving as well!

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