Ephesians 6: Soldiers in God’s Army

In this 30-day study of Ephesians 6, we’re going to do some intensive, but simple, studying together. First we’ll take a way-too-brief look at the early chapters of Ephesians to remember just how rich we are in Christ, and then we’re going to look at how we should live in response to those great blessings. How should children live? In light of their responsibility, how should their parents live? How should workers and bosses treat each other? How has God equipped us so that we actually can live this way?

Then we’ll look at each piece of the armor God has graciously given us, and we’ll learn how to better wield that Sword of the Spirit, the living, active, piercing Word of God. Will you join me?

The lessons are designed for busy people, and especially, but not limited to, busy mothers, because I know  how hard it is to get the life-giving, wisdom-building Word of God into your heart and mind in a season of life when you so desperately need it! So, moms, please join me!

You should be able to finish a lesson in five to twenty minutes, depending on how involved you get.

All you’ll need is a Bible, a pen, a notebook, a handful of colored pencils (or crayons will do in a pinch), and access to the internet for some lessons.

If you’re a mom who is thinking Bible study is impossible at this stage of your life, I heartily encourage you to give it a try. You need the nourishment of God’s Word!

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