Esther: For Such a Time as This

The story of how Esther saved the Jewish people during the time of their exile is a familiar historical narrative, but there’s much to discover and learn when we slow down to study this story. Though God is not mentioned in this book of the Bible, we see Him at work throughout the story, through seemingly random coincidences, through His people’s obedience and weakness, and even through the pride and selfishness of His enemies.

We’ll be using many of the study methods you’ve become familiar with at Mama’s Refill, but this is a Level 5 study and we’ll provide some insight into how you can plan an conduct your own Bible study. Because we are studying a narrative, we will look at the story arc, the characters, repeated words and ideas, and more. Ready to begin?

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Estimated Time: 31 days

Difficulty: Level 5


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What Others Have Said

The God Who is Always There
By: Susan Menzmer

This study has really opened my eyes to how much God can and does use the “normal” every day events in our lives to bless us and possibly even change the course of History! Wait until you discover what the pinnacle of the entire story of Esther is—it isn’t what you might first think!

What a story!
By: Kia Edsall

This Bible study was so good! A beautiful picture of the Providence of God even when His name is left out. I love marking up my Bible and seeing ‘pictures’ of God everywhere! Thank you!!