Faith’s Heroes: Hebrews 11

I’ve been looking forward to this study of Hebrews 11 for a long time. This chapter shines the spotlight on some great heroes of faith – ordinary men and women who simply believed what God told them and obeyed Him.

  • What gave Noah the faith to invest more than 100 years of their lives building a gigantic boat for a flood he’d never seen?
  • How was Abraham able to leave everything he knew to live in tents in a promised land that still wouldn’t be his when he died?
  • Where did He find the faith to raise the knife, ready to kill his precious son of promise?
  • Where do we find the faith to do what God has called us to do? How do we trust Him and obey Him in the midst of trials and unknowns?

The stories in Hebrews 11 are all part of the story, the same story God has put us in.

He’s called us to trust and obey Him, just as He called Noah and Abraham and Moses and Rahab.

Is it hard for you to trust God? Are you afraid to obey Him? Dig into the lives of each of these heroes with me. Let’s put ourselves in their place. Let’s carefully study the words of Hebrews 11.

When we’re done with our short study of the chapter, we’ll, by God’s grace, be better prepared to trust and obey Him – even when it’s hard.

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One thought on “Faith’s Heroes: Hebrews 11”

  1. Amy Pyle says:

    Looking forward to this study. I have 7 home educated kiddos from 17-3 and we moved to Germany just about 18 months ago. Lots of life changes and though I know and like to think I trust the Lord (who loves me perfectly), I don’t obey in some small things regularly, and I wonder if it’s because I really don’t trust in His perfect ways. A heart check please? I love these studies as they really are studying God’s gift of His Word to us. Thank you for fulfilling your call to this! God bless.

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