James 2: Living What We Believe

In our first live study on Mama’s Refill, we will continue studying the practical, real-life faith described in the book of James.

James ended chapter 1 with a description of true religion. In our study of James 2, we’re going to continue looking at true faith and our need to not just hear or intellectually believe the Word, but to actually do what we’ve heard.

What does James mean when he says faith without works is dead?

How do we combine James’ teaching that says we are justified by works with Paul’s, who clearly teaches that we are justified by faith and not by obeying the law?

We’ll look at what some of the words in these verses mean.

We’ll look at Abraham and Rahab, two real-life people James claims were justified by works.

We’ll consult some commentaries and look at cross-references to see what else the Bible says about faith and works.

We’ll see that our works are not a condition for our salvation, but they are a result of our salvation. They are evidence that we are alive in Christ.

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What Others Have Said

By: Beth Witman

I had always struggled with feeling saved. But this course showed me my faith is evident by the way I live my life, not how I feel. I highly recommend it.

Psalm 126:2
By: sarah Sims

Precious! Loving the website and the studies, even repeating a study for the second or third time, there is so much to be learned. This video was such a sweet addition. I'm sure I am not alone in that it feels like I get know your family. It is so generous of you to share your blessings in the ways that you do. Thank You Pam Forester and Family~