James 3: Taming the Tongue

“For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and sea creature, can be tamed and has been tamed by mankind, but no human being can tame the tongue.” (James 3: 7-8a, ESV)

We’re going to continue studying James together, and the focus of chapter 3 is on the tongue. This study begins February 1, 2019!

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7 thoughts on “James 3: Taming the Tongue”

  1. Christy Ryle says:

    Chapter 1 – Faith, Endurance, and Action

    Chapter 2- Demonstrate Love in Action to All People Equally

  2. Julia Snobelen says:

    Fyi – There doesn’t appear to be an option to leave comments at the end of each lesson.

    1. Pam Forster says:

      Oh dear! Thanks for letting us know, Julia! We’ve taken care of the problem!

  3. Linda COOPER says:

    I feel I have to finish all of James before I start on another book of the Bible.

  4. Linda COOPER says:

    I just sent you a message about posting my comment in FB or on here.
    I saw my name as if I had already joined. When I feel really stuck I will post it on FB.

  5. Linda COOPER says:

    Everyone of us goes through trials. As I’m reading these question. “Why do you think James should begin his teaching on the tongue?” I can remember saying things to my granddaughter that did more harm then good. I regret having that conversation with her. Instead I should have just told her that I love her and am praying for her. I believe that we all go through these trials. I need to ask God help me to hold my tongue and pray and ask God to guide and direct our moments, that need to glorify him.

  6. NicoleCarrillo says:

    Need to work on the taming of my tongue greatly. It’s sad that the people most affected by my sinful tongue are my spouse and children; those closest to me! Women at church would say I am slow to anger… but they do not know my in-home struggles.

    Thankful for James; enjoyed reading the first three chapters today. It was hard to title the first two chapters, haha, I made them really long. “God gives wisdom and joy in all situations” (ch 1) and “Love your neighbor practically/fully, not just with your words..” (ch 2) (not super proud of the second title haha).

    Enjoyed the background on James that you linked; the Book of James was written possibly around the 50s or 60s, it contains similarity to OT wisdom writings like Proverbs. Chapter 1: Trials and Temptations, Testing of Faith. Listening and Doing. Chapter 2: Favoritism Forbidden. Chapter 3: Taming of the Tongue. Two kinds of wisdom.

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