James 4 Bible study - He Gives More Grace

James 4: He Gives More Grace

We will be continuing our study in James starting 8/1/19. Watch the introductory video and tap “join this study” below to get access to lessons as they become available through the month of August.

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Estimated Time: 31 days

Difficulty: Level 4


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Pam Forster Pam Forster Author

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What Others Have Said

He Gives More Grace!
By: Susan Menzmer

Studying James 4 is not going to be comfortable—but it WILL be corrective! And when the world has wormed it’s way into our lives, that is exactly what we need! This study has helped me to see more clearly how easy it is to start wanting things of this world, and looking at those around me through jealous eyes. But I do not want to be a friend of the world—because then I would be an enemy of God. I cannot be a friend to both! But praise God, He does not leave us where we are, but instead He gives more grace—and more, and more! This study will hold a mirror up before you, and help guide you so that it is your Savior whom you see reflected back in that mirror, instead of our enemy.