James 5: A Challenge to Faithful Living

In this closing chapter, James speaks strongly. We’re going to be challenged once again to look long and hard at our hearts and our actions.

We’ll look at how we use or don’t use the material blessings God has entrusted to us.

We’ll look again at patience – with people and with our circumstances – in light of what Jesus has already done for us and the sure knowledge that He will one day return and make all things right.

We’ll see how important a community of praying fellow believers is to our growth and our commitment to remain faithful and live the way God has told us to live.

We’ll be putting our colored pencils to work as we mark words and draw pictures. We’ll study words like patience, treasure, and fraud. We pull out some commentaries for tough verses and look at cross-references to help us more fully understand what we are reading.

Every chapter of the Bible we study is like a treasure chest, just waiting to be opened, so we can study, appreciate, and be changed by it. Grab your Bible and join us!

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