James 5: A Challenge to Faithful Living

In this closing chapter, James speaks strongly. We’re going to be challenged once again to look long and hard at our hearts and our actions.

We’ll look at how we use or don’t use the material blessings God has entrusted to us.

We’ll look again at patience – with people and with our circumstances – in light of what Jesus has already done for us and the sure knowledge that He will one day return and make all things right.

We’ll see how important a community of praying fellow believers is to our growth and our commitment to remain faithful and live the way God has told us to live.

We’ll be putting our colored pencils to work as we mark words and draw pictures. We’ll study words like patience, treasure, and fraud. We pull out some commentaries for tough verses and look at cross-references to help us more fully understand what we are reading.

Every chapter of the Bible we study is like a treasure chest, just waiting to be opened, so we can study, appreciate, and be changed by it. Grab your Bible and join us!

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What Others Have Said

By: Dorinda

Wow, I have just finished this study, completing my study on the book of James with Mama’s Refill. It has been so helpful, getting me to think and question, learning what words actually mean rather than what I always thought they meant!, looking at context, relationship and situations. Although I have ‘finished’ this study, it is by no means finished with me. God is taking me back into James to focus, meditate, understand, apply and memorise one verse a day. I have a good foundation and now I want to build upon it. This time last year I would struggle to memorise one verse a week , but God has shown me that I am to memorise this whole book, and He has given me the desire and will give me the ability to do this. All glory to my Heavenly Father and my Lord Jesus.🙌 Thank you Mama’s Refill for the encouragement and help in my Bible study time.

Living a Life of Faith
By: Susan Menzmer

James 5 is such a rich study! Filled with practical advice, instruction, and warnings for our day to day living! Starting with those who may be working for us and admonition for us to be treating them (and paying them!) in an honest, honorable way, continuing on to dealing with the subject of being patient in suffering and waiting (without giving up) for the Lord to come, this study will guide and teach you about so many practical areas of your day to day life! And if you are wondering about how powerful prayer may truly be, you will wonder no longer as you realize that prayer can heal the sick or stop rain for three and a half years! How much our Father wants us to come to Him! I highly recommend this James 5 study for practical “how am I to live” instruction!

Overview of James printable
By: Kim Paterka

Tina, You can print it! Go to bibleproject.com/explore/james/ . Scroll to the bottom and you should see the poster 🙂

Overview of James printable
By: Kim Paterka

Tina, You can print it! Go to bibleproject.com/explore/james/ . Scroll to the bottom and you should see the poster 🙂

Day 1
By: Tina Johnson

Wow. I really liked the video "Overview of James"! I wish there were a way I could print out the full picture that was"drawn" in it. I knew James was the half-brother of Jesus, but not that his name was more likely Jacob. I'm looking forward to more!