Luke 2: Preparing our Children for Christmas

Would you like a little help spending some time in the Word with your children? Especially during a busy season like Christmas? This study can be used to countdown the last 7 days before Christmas or tackled any week of the year!

Each day, you will find a short Bible lesson for children. We’ll be reading Luke 2:1-20, listening for specific words, making lists, drawing pictures, acting out portions of the story, watching videos, and memorizing — much like we do in the children’s lessons in the Busy Mamas Bible studies.

Does this sound time-consuming? It won’t be. The planning is all done for you! You just get to open your Bible, gather a handful of supplies once in a while, and spend some rich, memory-making time with your children!

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Estimated Time: 8 days

Difficulty: Level 3

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Pam Forster Pam Forster Author

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What Others Have Said

Just another Day in the Fields
By: Susan Menzmer

Imagine that you are a shepherd, caring for the sheep in the hills around Bethlehem. Not a lot of excitement in your job, except for when the occasional wild animal tries to make off with one of the sheep. THEN you have excitement for sure, but overall not a lot of other people envy you your job. Not a lot of respect for your job, either. And then that night. . . THAT night. The one that changed everything. The one where YOU are forever changed. . . Join this study and spend some time imagining what it would have been like to be a shepherd. And be blessed as you learn that heaven and earth are no wider apart today than when the shepherds listened to the angels song. . .

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