Proverbs 1 Bible study

Marking Our Way through Proverbs 1

When my children were young, I was so tired that I was falling asleep trying to even read my Bible. There was no way I could study it. I had a terrible time focusing. I would get done reading, and not know what I had read.

Marking in my Bible is what changed things and brought Bible study to life for me.

I got excited about what I was finding, and wanted more. I’m praying this study of Proverbs 1 will bring about that sort of renewal for some of you, too!

Proverbs is such an important and practical book, one that we should be using all the time to teach our children and one we should be devouring for our own benefit and growth as women, wives, and mothers. Chapter 1 tells us why wisdom is so important to get and what happens when we reject wisdom.

While we study Proverbs 1 we’re going to walk through the basic things to look for as we approach a passage of Scripture. We’ll circle and highlight words, make lists, maybe draw a few simple pictures.

This is a more relaxed study, great for beginners, but full of wisdom for all of us, no matter how much we know about studying the Bible. When we’re done you’ll be equipped to tackle a passage on your own, or to teach others how to study.

“Marking Our Way through Proverbs 1” would also be a great study for your older children to do on their own or with you as an introduction to Bible study.

And Every lesson also includes an optional lesson for younger children, so you can be sharing what you’re learning with them as you study.


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Estimated Time: 25 days

Difficulty: Level 3


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What Others Have Said

Having fun with grandchildren
By: Laurie Stilwell

I have thoroughly enjoyed this study! I have my grandchildren 2 days a week while my daughter works and they enjoy doing the activities with me. I started drawing pictures and encouraging them to draw and we have had so much fun! This method really makes it stick in my mind and I have been able to share with countless others some of this wisdom. ( I've recommended Mama's Refill to lots of people, too. These studies are great!) Thank you so much!!

Great Study
By: Mary Schurdell

Ladies, I highly recommend this study. Pam gives us all the tools we need to know how to mark our Bible. She explains that our markings are visual notes that will help us recall what we've studied. If you have a very busily schedule, you can do the main assignments each day and you will learn so much. She also offers extended studies if you have the time to do those. So, the bottom line: Just jump in and give it a try! I believe you will be blessed for having done this study.

Focused & Simple
By: Amy Shick

Proverbs 1 was an enjoyably study for me because it was pretty focused on just that one chapter with few other references. It was a little laid back which was perfect for me so that not only could I learn from busy mamas but also try searching for my own little goodies. This is a great way how to learn how to feed yourself rather than having someone else feed you.

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