Matthew 1: Son of David – The Genealogy of Jesus

The New Testament opens with a genealogy – not exactly the kind of attention-grabber that teachers recommend using! But the genealogy of Jesus appears at the beginning of the New Testament for a reason, and when we start paying attention to all those “begats” we find out there’s some surprises in there.

This is a relaxed, 14-lesson, 5-minute-a-day study that will mostly involve copying and marking the first 17 verses of Matthew 1. We’ll read a few other related passages of Scripture, look up the meaning of a few words, pray, and listen to Christmas carols along the way.

When we’re all done we’ll love Jesus even more!

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Estimated Time: 14 days

Difficulty: Level 2


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Your Name Here!
By: Susan Menzmer

At first glance, I used to just skim over the lists of names in the section of the Bible that gives the genealogy of Jesus. But at a closer look there is so much richness waiting here! This isn’t a passage of perfect people—far from it! Some of their mistakes are rather of the sort that makes you wonder why they were even included in Jesus’ lineage, or if they were part of it why were they mentioned in Matthew’s list. Every family has their black sheep(s), afterall, but we don’t need to talk about them, right? God doesn’t view things that way! Because all too often, that “black sheep” is me. Or you. And this study shows us that your name also belongs here, because Jesus came to save you!