Philemon: The Gospel in Action

This August we’ll be studying a whole book of the Bible — but don’t worry, it’s a short one, just 25 verses.

One commentator has called Philemon “Paul’s masterpiece of tactful pleading”.

“Though I am bold enough in Christ to command you to do what is required, yet for love’s sake I prefer to appeal to you…” Philemon 1:8-9

In studying this book, we’ll learn from Paul’s example–

  • How to show love and respect to someone as we guide them
  • How to let God work in a person’s heart
  • Understanding the grace God has shown us, so we can show that kind of grace to others

We’ll put ourselves in the place of:

  • Paul, the writer
  • Onesimus, the runaway slave returning to his master
  • Philemon, the recipient

Expect to gain a whole new appreciation and perspective on this short epistle as we study together!

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Difficulty: Level 3


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What Others Have Said

Love One Another
By: Susan Menzmer

All Christians would agree that we are to love one another, but this study of Philemon helps put the rubber to the road and consider exactly what that means and who it applies to. You will learn how when you have a genuine love for and relationship with one another, you are in a unique position to build that person up while at the same time challenge them to even greater demonstration of God’s love. You will learn the wide variety of people that God’s promises are for, and exactly who IS your brother, your sister. Highly recommend, but be warned—you yourself will be challenged!

By: Kia Edsall

What a beautiful study! I learned so much about applying the Gospel to every relationship I have in and out of the body of Christ! The picture of God’s Grace is amazing!! Thank you!!

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