Proverbs 31: Does God Call us to be Supermoms?

Does Proverbs 31’s description of the woman who “surpasses them all” ever make you feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or even a bit guilty?

  • Proverbs 31 is not a checklist to accomplish in order to prove our worth.
  • It’s not a list of goals to achieve in our own strength.
  • The Proverbs 31 Woman is not meant to be an intimidating example, setting up burdensome expectations we can never live up to.

Instead of being overwhelmed by everything this woman doeslet’s study her and learn what makes her tick. Let’s focus on fearing the Lord like she does. And if we truly fear Him, then obeying Him and applying His wisdom in our lives will become a joy.

We  know it’s not easy, getting into God’s Word when life is busy all around you—but this study can help!

With short study assignments (about 15-20 minutes a day), this study course guides you through an in-depth study of the Virtuous Woman—an example we can truly admire and look to for inspiration.

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What Others Have Said

Proverbs 31
By: Lisa Ogle

I have thoroughly enjoyed this study (as I have all the studies I have done on Mama’s Refill)!!! I loved the concept that my job is not a pansy job but one requiring valor given by God. I loved the idea after looking at the difference in Ruth and Prov. 31 woman that we all can be this woman of valor no matter our various circumstances. I also loved the word studies that just open truth to me. Lastly, I loved the application chart at the end. Wow, the Lord brought to mind all kinds of specific things I can do now and in upcoming circumstances to be a woman of valor. Thank you for your effort in preparing these, Pam. I pray for you often!

Woman of Valor
By: Tracy Mickle

Although I have been familiar with this text for many years, I had never heard the Proverbs 31 woman referred to as the Woman of Valor. I realized that instead of a quiet, meek woman who is always at home (though that is part of the picture), this woman is strong, prepared and confident in the Lord as she faces each day. She is not alone and hopeless, but she relies on the resources she knows she has in God as she goes about her tasks. This perspective gives hope and strength to daily life.

Me? A Woman of Valor?
By: Susan Menzmer

This study on the Proverbs 31 Woman has been such a blessing in my life! Not only have I learned additional Bible study research skills, but I have also learned further how to study and then APPLY what I have learned to my daily life with my family. Afterall, it does us no good to be hearers of the Word only, but not doers! Even though I have been familiar with this portion of Scripture all of my life, through this study I have become convicted of an area I need to work on with God's power. Instead of feeling discouraged like I can never measure up, I have learned that the Woman of Valor gets up each day, and starts over again on the tasks God wants her to do THAT day. One day at a time, and He supplies the help I need! If you want to grow closer to your God and have greater happiness in your family life, I highly recommend this study!