Psalm 1: Finding Delight in God’s Word

The Psalms were where I headed when God finally helped me -- a tired and overwhelmed mother of three little boys -- realize that I *needed* the milk and meat of His Word as much as my sons needed the physical milk and meat I set before them each day. I was starving.

As I learned to read and study, my experience confirmed the truth of the Psalms' opening words. The man (or woman) who delights in God's Word is blessed. He's happy. He is at peace.

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5 thoughts on “Psalm 1: Finding Delight in God’s Word”

  1. Susan Menzmer says:

    I completed this Psalm 1 study between Christmas and New Years. What a blessing this short study has been! This is exactly what my heart desires for the New Year–to be walking in the path that God wants me to walk, so that I will flourish like a tree planted by streams of waters! I love how the study teaches me how to look at the Bible text myself, and how to compare Scripture with Scripture!

  2. RaShell Southerland says:

    I, too, completed this one while waiting for the subscription site to open up. I love the length and the lessons were timely. Thank you for this great little study. I really enjoyed it.

  3. Rosanne Spears says:

    I love this short study on Psalm 1. The lessons are the perfect length to learn something without feeling overwhelming.

  4. Ashley Unverferth says:

    What a sweet study of God’s Word. This study was short but packed full of goodness and truth. I appreciated the short assignments and think it’s perfect for anyone who is in a very busy season of life and wants to study the Bible but only has a few minutes a day. It can easily be drawn out each day if you have more time to meditate on God’s word! Thanks, Pam, for walking with us along this path of study.

  5. Heidi Gallen says:

    The children and I used this as our devotions for school for the past week. I enjoyed thinking through the chapter and drawing pictures to try to cement the ideas in our thoughts. Thank you, Pam!

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