Psalm 118: Give Thanks to the Lord

Psalm 118 is a psalm brimming with thanksgiving and praise. It calls us to give thanks to God because His steadfast, covenant love endures forever. When we call on Him, He answers. When we’re in distress, He’s on our side. (What an amazing truth! What do we need to fear if God is on our side?) When we’re pushed hard, to the point of falling, He is our strength and our song, just as He was for Moses and the people of Israel when He delivered them from the Egyptians. God keeps His promises! He’s kept them throughout history. He’s going to continue keeping them forever! Psalm 118 invites us enter the “gates of righteousness” and give thanks to God because He is good. We’re going to appreciate more deeply just how good He is as we dig into this psalm for the next month. I’ve grown to love the psalm (and the God it praises) in a new and deeper way as I’ve studied it. I think you will, too!

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What Others Have Said

Thank You!
By: Darilyn Cummings

Once again, Pam, you have done an amazing job putting together a great study for us busy mamas. The Lord is doing mighty works in you and with His help, you are reaching many souls. This study came at a great time. Being able to contemplate and meditate on a certain scripture for an extended period of time does many wonders to it's truth. It writes the words on my heart and helps me apply them to my life and personalize them. This Psalm will forever help me and comfort me in my walk with the Lord. Your studies help keep me motivated and give me ideas on how to dig deeper and get more out of the Word. Thank you once again for another great study! I am a member for life!

Steadfast love
By: Susan Menzmer

How would it feel to be loved with a steadfast love? To be loved so entirely, so completely, that it didn’t matter what mistakes you made—how many times you failed—whether you could manage to keep up the appearance of unwrinkled skin, no extra pounds, and no gray hairs! To be loved so completely that your beloved would be willing to lay down His life for you if necessary—and He did! Spend a month immersed in Psalm 118, and catch the tiniest glimpse of the never ending, never failing, never runs out steadfast love of your God for you.

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