Psalm 121: My Help Comes From the Lord

What a comfort Psalm 121 is! If we can get ahold of these truths and really believe them, we will be set free from fear and worry. We’ll gain new courage and confidence in the face of trials and dangers.

God can be trusted. He’s keeping us even while we sleep. Come and marinate in these comforting words for a few days. Let them change you! Let them deepen your love for the God who loves and cares for you!

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5 thoughts on “Psalm 121: My Help Comes From the Lord”

  1. Sharon Lalley says:

    I’ve finished psalm 121 study, I’m wondering why it’s not listed in my achievements!

    1. Yelles says:

      This study really encouraged me. I started this study in a place of terrible anxiety and depression. By immersing myself in Psalm 121, I have finished the study knowing that God is my help and keeps me from falling. I enjoyed marking and highlighting the verses. I have never done this before and I really enjoyed it. I will be buying myself a journaling bible.

  2. Patti Kuper says:

    I felt Gods strength, while under lining, when God was speaking. And what he does and will continue to do.
    It stood out clearer, that our help is, from the Lord. In all that is in our life. He is there moving us thru good and things that feel scary and unknown. He remains with us.

  3. Heidi Cannone says:

    I became very aware that He, through Whom all things were made, keeps us. He helps us, guides us, He never snoozes or falls asleep from exhaustion. He will not allow my foot to be moved, He even keeps Israel.
    He is my strength and shield☺️.
    What safer place could we be in than in the hands of our Heavenly Father?!

  4. Heidi Cannone says:

    If you’re wondering whether you should do this study – do it – you will not look back.
    It’s given me a fresh grasp of how God sees me, how He loves me and just how BIG my Heavenly Father is – and I’ve only just scratched the surface. Highly recommend this study.
    Tired and ex-anxious Mum of Seven

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