Psalm 23: He Restores My Soul

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We’re about to study one of the most-Loved and well-known psalms in the Bible.

So well-known, we might let the words roll off our lips without really stopping to mediate on what it means.

In this study on Psalm 23 we’re going to slow down and really think about what we’re reading.

  • We’ll read in different translations to help us pay better attention to the words.
  • We’ll take verses and emphasize different words as we read them over and over.
  • We’ll explore the shepherd-sheep relationship
  • We’ll look at what else the Bible says about shepherds and how that relates to this psalm.
  • We’ll be sure to read Charles Spurgeon’s Treasury of David on the psalm.
  • We’ll do some simple drawing to bring the psalm’s word pictures to life.

We’ll set out to answer questions like these:

  • What does it mean to have the Lord as our shepherd?
  • What does it mean to be his sheep?
  • What are the green pastures and still waters our Shepherd wants for us?
  • How does he restore our souls?
  • What is the valley of the shadow of death and why do we not need to fear it?
  • What is the table God spreads before us in front of our enemies?
  • How are we comforted by God’s rod?
  • What is so good about having our heads anointed with oil?
  • What would our lives be like if we put our complete trust in our shepherd who laid down His life for His sheep?

This psalm gives us beautiful pictures of what God desires for us.

It describes what He has promised to those who love and trust Him – in difficult times and in good times.

Goodness and mercy are going to follow – pursue – us all the days of our life

This psalm is a favorite for good reasons. Let’s discover those reasons together!

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Difficulty: Level 4


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What Others Have Said

Tender Loving Care of Our Shepherd
By: Clarissa Henly

This study was simply awesome! Psalms 23 was one of the Bible verses that I memorized as a child. But this study took this Psalm to a whole new level of understanding. This is such a rich Psalm. There is so much to glean from this. The book suggested by Pam "A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23" by W. Phillip Keller is highly recommended. It's going to be a blessing for sure. I ended up buying it. It is going to be a great addition to any library. To look at this Psalm from a shepherd's point of view, brings a whole new perspective and greater understanding. Thank you Pam for the resources you provide. They truly are a blessing. This study has enlightened me greater of how our Lord is a great provider, protector, and an ardent pursuer of us when we go astray. What an awesome God we have! This is a great study to remind us of this awesome and merciful God we serve, and because of that we don't need to be worried even when we walk through the darkest valleys of life. He will lead us through it all.

Awesome study during times of anxiety
By: Robbyn Apthorp

This study was a great blessing to me. It was a comfort having lost my Mom a few months prior. It was a challenge as I pictured my life like an actual sheep dependent on my Shepherd. I loved the almost daily song at the end to help me reflect and thank God for what I had learned. But this study was different from other studies as there were no "Catch-Up" days, so I had to commit to keeping on schedule as much as possible. Pam always makes each chapter study unique. I appreciate her constant and probably time consuming research to find the best commentary, website, bonus article or dictionary entry to make us think deeply about what we are studying.

Safe in His arms
By: Susan Menzmer

Psalm 23 has been so familiar to most of us since we were very small children, that I first honestly wondered if there would be anything I could learn from spending a month studying this chapter. Was I ever wrong! I have learned how very rich this one Psalm is. How much depth is in it, and how I have only begun to lightly scratch the surface. Our Shepherd heals our wounds. He provides for our needs. He leads us when we travel through dark valleys. He carries us in His arms. I am now convinced that if our Bible consisted of only this ONE Psalm, it would be enough. Enough for us to know what kind of a Shepherd we have. Enough to know we are safe only when we are with Him—but with Him, we are indeed safe!

4 thoughts on “Psalm 23: He Restores My Soul”

  1. Linda COOPER says:

    Great dependency on God and his greatness.
    God protection over him, and his lack of fear.
    Trusting God through whatever comes his way.
    His last two sentences stating that God will be with him all his life.
    This makes me realize how my faith need to grow in my God. No matter what I’m doing or where I am.

  2. Linda COOPER says:

    Well here we go again. I just finished day 10 on email. I shared my thoughts on Facebook and I press the button to be complete and it pushed me to register again.
    The Bonus Resources is not working.
    Do you think I ought to go to the regular Mamas Refill?
    I have completed up to Day 11

    1. Pam Forster says:

      Linda, it sounds like you might not be logged in. See if that helps.

  3. Linda COOPER says:

    There are times when I feel so far away from my brother and sisters in the Lord. I know my God is always there. When I’m fearful, I ask my God to watch over me. He gives me the greatest of peace cause I know he is watching over me. The fear is places beneath his feet and he keeps me safe. He watches over me when someone is trying to hurt me with words or just ugliness. He comforts me with his presence.

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