Psalm 51: According to Your Abundant Mercy


“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” (Psalm 51:10)

The Psalms teach how to pray. They teach us how to bring our complaints to God, how to praise Him, how to give thanks to Him, and how to turn back to God when we have sinned.

It’s easy to say we are sorry when faced with consequences of sin, while still doing it over and over without really turning away from the sin.

In Psalm 51, we’ll learn real repentance looks like, whatever sin is involved. This psalm will help us see our sin as God sees it.

We’ll see that it’s not just what we do (or don’t do), but who we are — and God is the only one who can fix that.

We’ll be reminded how God is willing and eager to grant us forgiveness, so we can rest in His faithfulness and love as He blots out our sins. We’ll find renewed fellowship with God as we repent and turn from our sins.

As we honestly pray the words of Psalm 51, we’ll learn to turn away from sin in a way that leads to changed life and victory over sins we may have struggled with for years.

Join me as we learn what made David a man after God’s own heart, in spite of the sins he committed.

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Real Prayer for Real Life!
By: Susan Menzmer

If you have ever wondered how to pray a “real” prayer, rather than just a memorized meaningless saying, this study is for you! Psalm 51 teaches us the real root of our sins, and Who we are truly sinning against. It shows us what the true goal in life is, and teaches us about our compassionate God. It shows us how to be cleansed from our squalor and how we can be restored and once again have a heart that sings.