Psalm 91: Dwelling in the Shelter of God’s Presence

As we and the rest of world all face the unknowns of the pandemic that God in His all-knowing wisdom has allowed us to experience together, we’re given an opportunity to trust Him, believe in Him, and grow in our faith.

We would like to make our Mamas Refill study of Psalm 91 free and available to all during this time of uncertainty, financial strain, isolation, and fear. This is a time to lean hard into the promises God has given us in His Word. We will find refuge and peace under His wings even in the midst of this trial. 

For thirty-two days we’re going to soak ourselves in the tremendous promises of this wonderful psalm. With the Holy Spirit’s help, we will be changed people at the end of our study, better armed for the challenges that will surely come our way, more firmly committed to dwelling in God’s sheltering presence, and more secure in our confidence that He will answer us when we call on Him.

The community here at Mama’s Refill will be studying Psalm 91 as a group during the month of April 2020, but you’re welcome to sign up now and get a head start!

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What Others Have Said

Psalm 91
By: Bridget Falk

Thank you so much for offering this study on Psalm 91 for free during COVID. I worked my way through it while we sheltered at home. I can't tell you how much I learned from this study! Thank you so much. It wasn't long thereafter that I decided I wanted to become a member. Thank you!

Psalm 91
By: Laureen Landis

I am appreciating this study and I am quite behind. This morning I was unable to click on the next lesson for me. Did it time out?

By: megan worth

So thankful for a psalm of reassurance of God’s compassionate heart for humanity.

6 thoughts on “Psalm 91: Dwelling in the Shelter of God’s Presence”

  1. Tammie Howell says:

    I failed to add in my comments on this study that in your final challenge to us you encouraged us to look deeper into some parts. What grabbed my heart is the deliverance and position to those who have known His name.

    After spending a considerable amount of time looking up this phrase, I will tell you that it has added greatly to how I teach others. Most of God’s miracles or when He shows Himself strong is when His name is on the line – so that they will KNOW there is a God in Israel. You find this from the Exodus story, David and Goliath all the way to the I John. This knowledge has deepened my faith and helps me encourage others. Thank you.

  2. Vivian Rogers says:

    Really appreciating how with daily reading of this psalm my eyes are being open to the words. This is good practice for me personally but it’s not something I often do.

  3. Annemarie Freeman says:

    I really appreciate the word picture ( and actual picture) of living life in Gods shelter. Having moved 21 times in 25 years of marriage, the thought of moving again terrifies me! Being able to mentally unpack and reside permanently in Gods “tent” gives me great security in knowing that’s one house I will never have to pack up again! No matter where God leads us, I can rest in Him.

  4. Lynda Chew says:

    The memorization is going to be difficult for me because of cognitive deficits. I plan to listen to the song, which I love, at least once a day. I will also make notecards. I may find it a bit easier to tackle part of a verse at a time. I’m finding I want to put God at the beginning of the first verse instead of “He,” and I’m thinking that might not be a bad thing. I always want to put God first. “He who dwells in the secret place of the most High…” Those few words give me comfort. I picture myself tucked away from the cares of the world in a secret place where evil cannot find me but where I am guarded by God Almighty.

  5. Martha Armbruster says:

    This is such a good study (all of them are!!)

    I actually went through this study a couple years ago when it first came out, but didn’t go very in depth; I read everything but didn’t mark in my Bible or take notes in my journal.

    Going through the study this time, fully committing to putting in the time & effort was really worth it. I went through the study with a friend, and it did take us several months, but that’s ok! We just worked through it at our own pace, sharing our journal notes with each other via email (just take a picture of your journal page to share).

    I would highly recommend going through a study with a friend that way, you get so much more out of it! I know many also share in the FB group & that’s a great option also.

    This study was very timely with all that’s going on in the world. We CAN trust God! He is FAITHFUL!

  6. Carol Doering says:

    This study is such a blessing

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