Ruth: A Story of Hope

Are you ever tempted to give up hope? To think God is against you? To throw in the towel and give up?

The book of Ruth is a story of discouragement and loss — of losing husband, sons, and protection — of going out full and coming back empty. But it’s also a story of love and loyalty, and of hope and redemption. It’s a story of God at work even when we can’t see Him, or when He looks like He’s forgotten us.

We’re going to study that story for the next month on Mama’s Refill. Our study of Ruth will be our first Busy Mamas Bible study on an entire book of the Bible, and I’m excited! It’s going to be a rich study, full of encouragement and hope.

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Estimated Time: 30 days (lessons every other day)

Difficulty: Level 4


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Pam Forster Pam Forster Author

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