Ruth: A Story of Hope

Are you ever tempted to give up hope? To think God is against you? To throw in the towel and give up?

The book of Ruth is a story of discouragement and loss — of losing husband, sons, and protection — of going out full and coming back empty. But it’s also a story of love and loyalty, and of hope and redemption. It’s a story of God at work even when we can’t see Him, or when He looks like He’s forgotten us.

We’re going to study that story for the next month on Mama’s Refill. Our study of Ruth will be our first Busy Mamas Bible study on an entire book of the Bible, and I’m excited! It’s going to be a rich study, full of encouragement and hope.

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Estimated Time: 30 days (lessons every other day)

Difficulty: Level 4


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Pam Forster Pam Forster Author

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What Others Have Said

By: Amy Shick

This was a beautiful study! Showing the mighty hand of God through a humble man and woman.

God’s Steadfast Love!
By: Clarissa Henly

This study has been such an amazing blessing to me. When I began I wasn't expecting so rich details and information from this book. We see how God is in control of all situations and how He covers us in His steadfast love, never letting go of us. He is beside us every step of the way, just like how it was with Naomi. Even though she felt that she was empty, and was at loss, God showed her how He had planned so full a life for her in the days ahead. Even when real tragedies like death devastates us, He is still there with us and carries us through all our worries and troubles. This study has greatly impacted me in so many different ways. I will never see hardship in life the same way I used to. Through this study, I have gained a greater knowledge of how God is with us and there is no more room for worry. Just have faith in Him and He will take care of it all. Also, I learned so much about Boaz and how he is a reflection of Christ Himself. Even though I had a smooth start, I fell back in between because of being too busy with guests and health issues. But I picked up as soon as I was better and I'm so glad I did. It doesn't matter if you fall behind, just keep going. It is so much worth it. I normally do the study early in the morning before anybody else wakes up. That way I'm not distracted. I would definitely recommend this study. There is so much we can learn from Naomi and Ruth, especially Ruth. I don't think there would be enough space to contain all that I have to say. I thank Pam for making this study available to us. It is a very rich study and you learn so much from this.

God—Your Redeemer!
By: Susan Menzmer

If you have a heart’s desire to draw closer to your Creator and Redeemer, then this study on Ruth is for you! When I first started it, I wondered how we could possibly spend an entire month studying just four simple chapters—but now that I have finished it I feel that the book of Ruth is so rich that one could spend many more months studying and still not mine all the gold in here! What a blessing this study has been! I have learned SO much about “Hesed,” God’s steadfast He-will-never-let-you-go love! And while it is very true that in this world of sin sad events DO happen (afterall, Naomi DID lose her husband, as did Ruth and Orpah as well) God will still be there with us— carrying us through the hard times—working things out to provide for us—always, ALWAYS loving us!

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