Study Path

Welcome to the Study Path, the newest part of the Mama's Refill community!

Whether you're fighting for a few minutes in the Word, or eager to study your Bible in more depth and share what you learn with others, you're going to enjoy the Study Path.

Watch the video above to hear how the Path works and why we're making it available to everyone here at Mama's Refill.

Then choose a level to start working on -- or take the 4-question quiz below to find the level we recommend for you.

(If you choose not to use the study path, keep in mind we are still having monthly group studies, and you can start any study from the Bible Study Menu whenever you like.)

Study Path Levels:

Here's a quick preview of the five levels, each of which will involve 4-5 Bible studies:

Level 1: Running on Empty

Especially designed for beginning Bible students, for anyone who is struggling to find time to read the Bible, or for those who think Bible study is too challenging. It won't take long to learn that it's possible, that it's fun, and that God's Word changes your life!


Level 2: Wake Up

In this level you'll start to engage more with what you're reading in your Bible, and learn some of the easier Bible study skills.


Level 3: On A Roll

For students with some study experience, these studies will stretch you further and and get into more types of study, including what to mark in your Bible, looking for comparisons, drawing in your margins, and more fun stuff!


Level 4: Filling Up

Here's where we get into word studies, going deeper, and bringing your children along side as you study. Many of the existing studies in Mama's Refill are at this level.


Level 5: Overflowing

We have some exciting options planned for advanced students, to be released in Fall 2019. If you've learned the basic study skills, if you've built a habit of studying your Bible regularly, these new studies will help you branch out, design your own studies, share what you're learning with others, and even coach other students or lead a group. God has been growing you; now it's time to let all that you've learned overflow into the lives of others!

8 thoughts on “Study Path”

  1. Andrea Hamilton says:

    I took the quiz and it just sent me to the home
    Page without telling me anything…

    1. Heidi Miller-Ford says:

      Same here

      1. Pam Forster says:

        Oh dear. It was late (or early) when Daniel pushed that last “post” button. Something must have gone wrong.

    2. Pam Forster says:

      I just took the quiz and it’s working here. Each of the levels the quiz takes you to also have a very similar-looking video at the top. Is there any chance you’re not recognizing that as the new page with a description of the recommended level? I’m guessing that’s not the case, but just trying to gather some info before Daniel gets involved.

  2. dgfAdmin says:

    It’s fixed now!

  3. Sarah Race says:

    I am at a place with my little ones where I could answer the questions differently depending on the day. On those days I struggle or don’t get my study time. Answering the questions for each kind of day, it recommends level 3 for the good days and 2 for the not so good days. I am thinking of keeping 2 studies going, 1 from each recommended level, or 1 from 3 and 1 from 1, since the harder days still happen often. That way I can still get something in without as much frustration.

  4. Naomi Guerrero says:

    I can’t tell you exactly how grateful I am for this new feature. I have been a member since the start of Mamas Refill and have struggled quite hard to make time for this wonderful resource. I might have given up, but this new study path is the “kick in the pants” I needed to get me going again. Thank you so much for breaking it down for sisters like me whose brains crave a simplification of things to really have success. What a blessing this is! Praise the LORD for HIS faithfulness and for your servants hearts!

    1. Pam Forster says:

      This is so good to hear, Naomi! It’s exactly what we were praying for!

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