Level 1: Running on Empty

Welcome to level 1! We're excited that you're here, and that you're going to be studying with us!

If you struggle to find time for Bible study, if you don't know where to start, these studies are specially prepared for you! You're about to start finding the daily encouragement and guidance God offers you in His Word. He didn't make you to run on empty!

What kind of studies are in Level 1?

  • Before we start studying, the mini-course "Ready, Set, Go" will help you gather the supplies you need and carve out a regular time and a place to study. You'll be surprised what's possible!
  • Next we'll focus on simply making time to read or listen to the Bible every day.
  • With God in the Psalms, you'll go one step further than reading, and you'll start looking for specific things as you read.

We recommend starting with "Ready, Set, Go" to get prepared for your first study. Come back to this page as needed to start a new study and keep track of your progress!

2 thoughts on “Level 1: Running on Empty”

  1. Delsie3 says:

    Hi Pam, Thank you so much for taking the time to put this all together! I just want to clarify; there are only (almost)5 lessons in level 1. Than I can go to level two?

    1. Pam Forster says:

      Sorry, I’m just now seeing this! You can do any level of study any time you want. The levels are simply to help people know what to expect from each study.

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