Study Path Placement Quiz


Which statement best describes your present Bible study skills?

If you have children, what ages are they?

Which of these goals is most important to you right now?

Which best describes the time you currently spend reading or studying the Bible?

Study Path Placement Quiz
Level 1: Running on Empty

Especially designed for beginning Bible students, for anyone who is struggling to find time to read the Bible, or for those who think Bible study is too challenging. It won't take long to learn that it's possible, that it's fun, and that God's Word changes your life!
Level 2: Wake Up

In this level you'll start to engage more with what you're reading in your Bible, and learn some of the easier Bible study skills.
Level 3: On a Roll

For students with some study experience, these studies will stretch you further and and get into more types of study, including what to mark in your Bible, looking for comparisons, drawing in your margins, and more fun stuff!
Level 4: Filling Up

Here's where we get into word studies, going deeper, and bringing your children along side as you study. Many of the existing studies in Mama's Refill are at this level.
Level 5: Overflowing

If you've learned the basic study skills, if you've built a habit of studying your Bible regularly, these new studies will help you branch out, design your own studies, share what you're learning with others, and even coach other students or lead a group. God has been growing you; now it's time to let all that you've learned overflow into the lives of others! These new, more advanced studies will be released by Fall 2019. Until then, we recommend trying out other 25+ studies from the Bible Study Menu.

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