Psalm 91 Bonus Resources

Article: Hand Copying Scripture

Referenced in Day 7

Article: How to Memorize Scripture

Referenced in Day 8

Article: Ten Biblical Reasons to Memorize Scripture

Referenced in Day 8

Article: Parallelism

Referenced in Day 9

Article: Why You Don’t Have to Fear Terror

Referenced in Day 20

Article: Slain in the Shadow of the Almighty

Referenced in Day 24

Charles Spurgeon’s commentary on Psalm 91:15

Referenced in Day 29

Ideas for Further Study related to Psalm 91

Referenced in Day 31

One thought on “Psalm 91 Bonus Resources”

  1. Stephanie Ferguson says:

    Curious about the links to Spurgeon’s commentary, both here in the bonus resources & on Day 24, regarding vv 9&10? They link to, which now requires us to have an account to be able to view their resources. But these commentaries are in the BLB, aren’t they? At least I think I was able to read that paragraph referenced & linked in Day 24–but it made me wonder if I was missing something… Just thought I’d ask. I realize the links change so often–I’m sure it’s impossible to keep up with. THANK YOU again for these studies. Currently I’m finishing up this one for the second time, but this time, with a younger sister in our church, and what a DELIGHT to listen to her wonder & excitement over getting to dig into the scriptures and gain understanding, really for the first time on her own. She is thrilled to have learned to use the BLB & have all these word pictures & helpful descriptions in her mind & in the margins of her Bible. She found freedom in being able to list specifically all the fears she’s aware of & then cross them off her list as she prayed & confessed & unburdened them to Abba. So THANK YOU!!! The legacy continues…

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